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Questions and Answers...
- Why A Bouncin' We Will Go?
   We are licensed, inspected by the NCDOL and fully insured. Our inflatables are colorful, super clean, no holes or patches.  We make our deliveries on time, every time. WE will always give you the timeframe that the inflatable we will be set up and taken down.

- Can the Inflatables be used a a water slide?
   Absolutely, we refer to them as "wet".  If you want to rent  a wet inflatable you will need to provide the hose and water source. And yes we all get wet!!!!  As does the ground so think about that if you are trying to keep a lawn in pristine condition.

-Can I rent 2 or more inflatables, add popcorn, cash cube, twister?
   Definitely. WE always give discounts on rentals when combined with others.

- Does the equipment have height and weight restrictions?
   Yes and this is very important. The State of NC mandates that we adhere to the manufactures guidelines and each inflatable carries their own. Usually the weight maximum is 200lbs per person, with a max number of participants. We will advise you on the rules of the inflatable you are renting. This is also in place to avoid injury to a person and the inflatable. Too heavy persons or occupancy can pop a seam even those our inflatables are commercial grade and extremely durable.

- How long is my rental?
   4 hours minimum (set up and delivery included in price)
- Can I hire an attendant?
   Of course. The price is $30 per attendant (unless you are having the Super Fun Birthday then attendant is included).

- What does "A Bouncin' We Will Go" rental price include?
   The Inflatable, delivery, set up, take down, extension cords. Training on how to properly use the equipment and rules to follow. A thorough inspection with the renter before and after the rental.  Attendant is extra fee.

- What do I need to provide?
*Your name, address and phone number  (delivery hours are between 8am and 8pm, due to daylight issues)

*$50 deposit (non refundable due to us possibly turning others away). However it does go towards the price of the

*A flat, clean surface. Grass, concrete or asphalt only. No stones, rocks or natural area. We say this because over time, if the surface is bad, the bottom of the inflatable will get worn and breakdown will happen.  We are extremely adamant about this.

*Make sure there are no overhead obstacles, like power lines or tree limbs.  These inflatables can get to 22' high so clearance is a must

*We will give you the dimensions of the inflatable at the time of rental. It has to fit. On top of the dimension you need to add about 4 more feet around the circumference. Unfortunately if the delivery drivers arrive and it will not fit, you will be charged the full rental (we don't want to have this happen so please make sure it will fit).

*Sprinkler System. This can be a big oops. The inflatables can weigh upwards of 700-800 pounds and will most definitely ruin a sprinkler head. We will not be responsible if it gets damaged or destroyed. Please know where they are and that our path to the inflatable set up does not run over any.

*No stairs or hills please. Since they weigh so much, our drivers cannot handle inclines. If the terrain is not possible for delivery you will be responsible for the full rental rate.

*If we have to get the inflatable through a fence, the door must be sized to get through. If it will not fit, you will be responsible for the full amount of rental.

*A hose and water source if renting a wet inflatable

*An outlet to plug our blowers in to no more than a 100 feet from inflatable (we supply the extension cord). If it is more  than a 100 feet away a circuit can pop and the blowers will stop. When that happen the inflatable goes down.   If no outlet is available you will need to provide or rent a generator. See pricing tab for info on generator rentals.

*If setting up at a park, usually they require a permit. You will need to get the paperwork and we will sign it.

*A Signed Waiver that releases A Bouncin' WE Will Go from any liability  (We provide and go over with you)

*A Signed Rules and Policies Sheet for the inflatable  (we provide and go over with you)

*A thorough inspection of the inflatable at set up and take down  (with our delivery driver)

*You must be there at the time of set up and take down  (no exceptions or other persons signing for you)

*Full payment at time of delivery