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The rules are there to protect 'A Bouncin' We Will Go' as well as the renter. There is always the change of bodily harm, death and destroying equipment. These inflatables cost anywhere from $8k-$12k each. They are very expensive to replace and we do not want you to be assessed the replacement cost if equipment is damaged beyond repair.
So the following must be adhered to...
*The renter must be present at all times that the inflatable is there as well as set up and delivery  (no exceptions)
*A signed waiver (by the renter only) releasing 'A Bouncin' We Will Go' of any liability in the event of injury or possible death.  The renter is 100% responsible.
*A signed rules and policies sheet for each inflatable/equipment rented
*Once the inflatable is in place and blowers are going it is imperative that the inflatable not be moved. In doing so the inflatable can become dangerous by not being tethered down correctly, blowers not put on right, etc. There is a reason for this so please do not move it. If the equipment fails due to this, A Bouncin' We Will Go will not be held liable in anyway. Our drivers will set up and leave the unit safe.
*If bad weather should arrive (winds greater than 20 mph, lightning, heavy rain) the blowers should immediately be turned off, covered with the cover we supply, and unplugged. It is dangerous in high winds and the rain can ruin the equipment. Once the blowers are turned off and unplugged the inflatable will deflate rather fast so make sure everyone is off and safely on the ground. Don't worry about the inflatable getting wet, you just handle the blowers and then get inside.
*If a blower suddenly shuts off, most likely it is due to the electrical circuit popping or a blower malfunction.  Get everyone off the inflatable (immediately). Check to see if it is the circuit, flip it and the blower should resume. If it is not the circuit and the blower has malfunctioned do not under any circumstances try to trouble shoot or fix. Call us immediately. Trying to fix the blower can lead to shock, hands getting caught in fan blades or damage to the equipment. No exceptions.
*If the blower sleeve comes unfastened the inflatable will deflate. Get everyone off and put the sleeve back on. You will learn how to do this at set up.
*If renting a "Dry" slide do not make it a "Wet" slide without our knowledge. Different steps are taken in setting up a dry inflatable to a wet one to ensure safety and cleaning afterwards.  That is why it is more expensive to rent a wet one.  The slide can get hot in the summer sun, but you cannot wet it down. Spraying it with a hose to cool it off is not allowable. If this happens a $100 fee will be assessed. This mainly pays for the employees having to work longer hours that are not scheduled. Please follow this extremely important rule. We don't want to charge any extra fees, but will if needed.
*No Silly String, ever, ever, ever! Yikes the chemical breaks down the fire retardants and can be a fire hazard. This could result in being responsible for equipment replacement which can be thousands of dollars.
*No Gum (almost impossible to clean and a cleaning fee will be assessed)
*Nothing that will stain the inflatable (ie: face painting, wine, etc) No burns from cigarettes, etc. Any of these will result in possible cleaning fees, fixing fees or total equipment replacement.
*No jewelry at all.  The inflatable can get holes which would result in a fee to fix or for possible replacement.
*No Shoes. They are dangerous to the inflatable, could result in tears at the seams which could result in
 replacement of equipment, super expensive.
*Always have adult supervision!  Kids can easily get into trouble on the equipment.
*No Flips (forward or backwards). In doing so could lead to head and spine trauma.
*Slide feet first, head first can result in injury. No running down inflatable slides. You can easily lose your
footing and fall, possibly form a high distance.
*No rough play, pushing or tripping. Someone could break a bone.
*No persons above weight or under height requirements can use equipment. Also make sure the amount of riders does not exceed the manufacturer recommendation. Doing any of these can result in bodily injury or abuse to the inflatable. If the inflatable gets damaged you will be responsible for replacement. Popping at the seams are hard to fix.
We want everyone to have a lot of fun, but be smart and stay safe.


We always try to work with our customers, but sometimes things come up that makes it impossible for the scheduled inflatable rental to happen. Weather is the most frustrating aspect to this business. None of us can 100% predict the weather, but we can make educated guesses by watching the weather forecast. We use WRAL.Com. So 24 hours before your scheduled delivery we will call you and discuss weather and if you are ready to accept the delivery of the inflatable. At 50% probability of rain or winds higher than 20mph we suggest postponing, but if you want to take the chances and hope the rain holds off then you will be responsible for the full rental amount once the equipment is delivered rain or no rain.  If during the rental bad weather should happen, A Bouncin' We Will Go will not be responsible for refunding you full rental amount and our equipment cannot be used. If you cancel the scheduled morning rental due to weather and we discussed it the day before and  have not delivered it yet, a fee of 50% of the rental rate will be charged to you. You decided to take a chance of good weather above our recommendation of cancellation.


You will pay a non-refundable Deposit of $50 at the time of booking. This deposit amount goes toward the rental
rate. If you cancel within the 24 hours of the delivery time you will be charged half the amount of the inflatable. I know this sounds bad, but at that late of a date we have turned others away. Weather is an exception. If bad weather happens the deposit is still non refundable, but we will try to reschedule. A fee will not be assessed for non delivery in the event of weather unless you choose to accept the equipment. If we decide 24 hours prior to go ahead as scheduled then the inflatable will be delivered and payment of the full rental amount will be collected even if the weather has declined. That is why we watch the weather and together make educated decisions.